Chorus 1 (JaqKel):
Said I got no pride in it - I'll be there in like 5 minutes
5 minutes time 'till I'm finished
You can die with it, thinking you were
Real one and my goals: I can't get it I'mma show you all, shot
Clock's running out and it's Kelly's ball
Standing over everybody, I'm 20 foot tall
Stomping on them if they mean me harm - on my momma, niggaHeard these niggas mad at me
'cause I'm way happy than they'll ever be
The darkness never get a hold of me
I'mma break free like a weak bitch holding me// Here I go //
Now you know I go hard when I goV1-1 (Säge):
A broke nigga in the land of wavs, fuck goin'
On round in this place, fuu ass
Bitches actin woke and shit, but can't
Fuck wit' a nigga cause I broke as shit, I shoulda' told thatBitch that I ain't on that clit, now this chick mad as
Fuck, wanna call it quits, look focus
Shin - this could throw us in; enter folding
Them or we're sold in this God forsaken realm
V1-2 (DAX):
Wear the crown, King Eigengrau
Been a bit scared of the shadow since I was a kid, bruh (now)
Scared of rejection, my conscience is down
It's saying to me: "I don't even like the b*tch, uh"Pitch black: still afraid, I'm losing balance in my life
But sometimes I forget who I am, I'm gonna yell it to 'em
IT'S DAX: still afraid to choose a talent, do or die
Been the Preacher, that's why I can't even pick "witchcraft"Chorus 2 (JaqKel):
Yeah, don't even know
Bitch nigga know how we go, enjoy the
Show, homie, 'cause I'm 'bout to blow and my
Rollie be looking like snow, don't need youHoes, I got my number one girl and she
Ride with me everywhere so - fuck all your
Feelings, you didn't care about mine
Getting pushed 'round all the time, II see that my ex's want me back
But you is getting too attached
Niggas telling me that the rap
But they can't not even light a match
// Here I go //
Now you know I go hard when I goV2-1 (DAX) :
I've been scared because I know my future's looking dark when I
Invest my years of college into music and the arts
A room with no night light is like life in general
Courage always fades away when vision is ephemeralBelong with a baddie in a Rari, maybe Bella
Hadid, ruling over shadows, spitting raw heat
Naw' mean? Feeling shinigami in my church suit
AURENE, the beauty in the sorry, I tell 'em allV2-2 (Säge):
(The only) hand signs that I throw up are the animals, no
Need to be a number on them channels, drop the cannon bro
I live to make a difference, well, for mine and mine only
Defied the tribe to try to rise the spirit of the collard knight, IWoke up with my sword and shield, with tunic tucked in shorts: the feels of
Being a rogue ninja in this shits: a bitter-sweetish one, but
Trust that I don't let the judgement of the keeper gate live, they
Make lists and say shit to make these rappers play, bitchChorus 3 (JaqKel):
I told you once...
I won't tell you twice...
Here I go - shadows make me loco
Here I go - darkness in my vocals
Here I go - twenty one, I'm fairly local
Here I go - October, where's my birthstoneHere I go - light shining on my opal
Here I go - iridescent, feeling hopeful
Now you know I go hard when I goVerse 3 (Genius):
They don't wanna see you glow
So this little light gon' shine
They throw up shade when a star is exposed
I guess they ain't tryna go blindHeavenly guidance: the media tells you it's ghosts, the people confuse our black
Diamonds for coals It's a helluva show and of course the devil's the host
He'll brag and he'll boast 'cause he's doing the most could get called up any day now and I'm
Feeling it's close, so I go hard until the casket is closed, HOEYour heart is black, you really think I'm scared of that
My arms go BAT, composing gats
And then you'll see my soul spark that's your night light kid
That soul spark and I ain't repost Metanite and DiggzI load up the pen & pad as I write my fears
Give some fully loaded rounds to acquiring ears
Screaming loudly and proud 'cause I've been silent for years
You had your chance with the Lamb now the Lion is hereGhetto child, don't hide your tears, I've struggled there too and
I can cry with you, I know it seems like no one
Knows what you've been through, in your bed while you hear screaming in the living roomFeeling like you can't escape this dreaded life that you live
All they do is take, something's gotta give
And all we do is pray, someone's gonna hear...
God shines a beacon just so I know he's nearLord - be our lighthouse, in this dark world, this dark world (X4)

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