[Verse 1] I strike the fear of GOD in 'em
With rhymes and raw spitting
Hard hitting
Sucka rappers I'm targeting
They marketing detrimental things to the youth
They talking but got no evidence or no proof
They acting like they are the leaders of the culture
The fact is, that they just some greedy culture vultures
They actors catch 'em on a set in hollywood
You can fact check actually i think you probably should
'Cause i think you probably would realize
Most of your favorite people lie
The onеs you worship and you idolize
Are fictional characters disguisе
They glorify, glamourize, violence & crime
But stay silent when the goverment is trying to divide
The communities usually they down to go ride
On the ops but the cops come & now they abide
By the law no draw keep their gun on their side
'Til they sitting in a prison no money or pride
You better run & hide
Fuck being a slave
I'd rather die than give my freedom away[Verse 2]Yeah, i used to listen to that gangsta rap
But ever since I've matured i grew away from that
If I'm to live for a purpose that's tied to my beliefs
I'd rather ride for my people than die within the streets
I'm a california native that was born in la mirada
I'm a "paramount" persona getting bigger by the hour
Never with that weak shit when i speak flows
You wanna reach grit, to each step, to each of your goals
I'm like the opposite of mostly any rapper on the radio
Never hear me poppin' percs or see me wearing ladies clothes
Never catch me making deals to benefit the zionists
Defiant and I'm get big gainsta click
Polar tha white let that name sink in
There ain't no sucka out to get me that'll claim the win
I'm out to help the people not tobe discouraged at all
You can take on anything
When you start to evolve
Grew up in this culture since 3 years old
Daddy grew up on that rock 'n roll
Then my bro got dope and he showed me the ropes
Moved to the city 905 that's home
Never catch me slippin'
I'm on a mission of visions with better decisions of living
A feeling that's driven envisioned by winning
I'm swimming not sinking
You got me just listen
I'm out here tryna get your attention
Got a big fan Dang!!
Like the Wu-Tang clan
Tryna do it for the kids
Tryna teach 'em how it is
Tryna show 'em how we live
Gotta show 'em how we all
Get BIG!!!
We the get big gainsta
We the get big gainsta
We the get big gainsta
Get big gainsta
You know what we do
Get big on em!!!

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