[Verse 1: Evidence]
I push my levels to zero without distortin'
Boost two compression enhancers the message I'm recording
Live from California, warning night to morning
The illest squad this side of Earth is now forming
Itself into a whirlwind, spin pattern the outcome
Be tragic, tell me what you want I still doubt them
I hit up the beat unique
For seven-eighths I levitate, hit save not delete
You could get in the game, but who's ahead in the race
To a duststorm, when it clears there's no trace
Of where I was, was not, or how I got there
The image you recall so clear has disappeared [Rakaa]
Yeah, since most kids are spoiled these days, we let em have it[Verse 2: Rakaa Iriscience]
I make moves and get my passport decorated
I keep my business and my personal seperated
From Cali to Philly to the Circus of Picadilly
This verse is sound killing, rehearsed, do your research
Walk til my feet hurt, smoke til the weed hurt
Challengers, you know the Alchemist make the beat work
Send a hot flash of fever through your speaker
Then after the heat bring chills like deep freezers
Live for TV, whether tape or CD
Twelve inch, Liquid Audio or MP3
Fuck the format, they asking where the Platform at
Late summer, early fall, yo Babs where the storm at[Evidence]
It's right here[Rakaa]
Since most kids are spoiled these days, we let em have it[Evidence]
I let 'em have it, how they want it[Rakaa]
Since most kids are spoiled these days, we let em have it[Verse 3: Evidence]
Right, right and exact, and here it is
My life is balance on opposites
Rakaa lit the fuse and now apocalypse about to hit crews
I'm weatherman, DP's with the remedy
Type to know your rhythm, can't hum the melody
I'm telepathic, vocals kill in action
To particle pieces presenting broken glass tactics
High-hat, fat snares, light your flares
Intros and ill flows come equipped and prepared[Verse 4: Rakaa Iriscience]
Aiyyo Rakaa bring the ruckus like Rawkus
Rock Steady floor rockers and all hardcore poppers and lockers
You're not a speedbump so for sure you're not an obstacle
Name is Iri-style, Tri-clops, Triple Optical
War will be a heavy cost to you, let me caution you
I take it international when everything is optional
My advice is duck Dilated if it's possible
I know cats in jail, hip-hop, and in hospitals

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