This is the story about a little time
I got my back broke man they fucked on my spine
It was the Summer 2019
I moved on from then and my back feelin fine (uh)
But its only fair if I tell you this story
So please pay attention this shit can get boring
It was like 8:35 in the morning
The sky, it was cloudy, the rain it was pouring
Remember back in the 4 MIN STORY
I met with the Pope, he called me the goat
I signed that contract with BangBros and it was simply because of my throat
Now imma part of the team, that shit was my dream, no Dr. King (uh)
So back to the morning. I'm doing my thing
I picked up my phone cuz it started to ring
I lookеd at the screen and I started to laugh
It was a pic of Pope and his humongous ass
I almost missеd the call, I answered fast
The Pope started talking and he sounded mad [Pope]
"DigBar, where the fuck have you been?
You missed your rehearsal the train starts at 10"[Verse]
Man goddammit it, I knew I forgot
I looked at my watch, it just hit nine o'clock
No time to shower and no time to ass bleach
Run to my car like an Olympic athlete
I threw my thong and my bra in the backseat
Got on my [?] type 23 [?]Ten minutes later, I get to the studio
I'm hella nervous I'm clenching my bootyhole
I've done this once, hopefully no one here knew me though
My stomach empty, I didn't eat no cereal
Here come the pope and his butt lookin magical
"DigBar, welcome to BangBros capital
We've got a long day ahead of us
I know your nervous and so are the rest of us
We've gotta train
This might sound weird, James Harden is back with that thick ass rear
Then we've got Tyrone and Kael
And to top it off I've included myself"[Verse]
Okay Pope lets get one thing straight

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