(Blood Rayne Boyz)
(Welcome to fuckin' hell) [Verse 1]
Vampire gang, I'ma make her blood drip
I'm in the castle, [?]
Demon with stick, it ain't goin' for shit
[?] she gave a lil kiss
Now he leakin' [?] put that shit on my wrist
I got the internet n****s so sick
They know I can [?] yo bitch
[?] ass fat, waist thin, like a disk
You not gon' do shit, [?]
Pretty boy swag, yo bitch want a pic
Pretty boy bands, I get what I want
Too juiced up, I do what I want
Smokin' on opps, I [?]
Cup full of blood, this ain't no fruit punch
Come get yo bitch, she not lettin' up
Like a receiver, she catchin' my nut
Demon with stick, [?]
(Vampire Gang)
Yeah, Vampire Gang [?]
Yeah, i'm on the shrooms and the X, I feel like I'm on a whole different planet
Yeah, these n****s don't really want [?] just like a magician I make yo ass vanish, yeah
Pretty boy demon, yo bitch I hit her so good she start speakin spanish(All I see is red)
(Vampire Gang)

Diamondsonmydick – DOMD BINGO

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