(Vampire Gang) (Playa $in don't play with you)
Go (Blood Rayne Boyz)
YeahYeah[Verse 1]
Bite that bitch neck, pour a glass, make a toast, yeah
Blood with the sprite got the room movin' slow, yeah
Pretty boy vamp all my n****s on go, yeah
Tiny ass jeans, still got in with the pole, yeah
In the blood rave mixin' molly with coke, yeah
Chillin' out west but I'm still throwin' 4's, yeah
Shoutout my bitch she 10 toes down fo' sho'
Yeah, he not killin' shit, man, that glick just for show[Verse 2]
Pretty boy [?]
I beat it up just like [?]
[?] swag, I'm plugged in like a tesla
I'm on that X, [?]
I'm on that X, [?]
He wanna be me, that n**** could never
Pop that boy nose, I'm movin' too clever
Demon with stick, [?]
N****s be hating, they writing love letters
He don't want no smoke, that n**** know better
Tiny ass jeans, holdin' the Beretta
Fuckin this bitch, you wish you never met her
Demons around me throwin' up them letters
[?] soul catcher
Sippin' on red, I never felt better
Yeah, what?
Double cup, blood with the sprite, all I need, Yeah
Highway to hell, in the foreign, goin' top speed, Yeah
Who want smoke, pick a place we can meet
Stompin' a fuck n***** out, I got blood on my sneaks (Yeah)
You came with that bitch, but she leavin' with me(Playa $in don't play with you)

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