[Verse 1]
I'm on them shrooms n**** everything 3D
Drinkin' up blood while I hold up my pinky
Cast a love spell now yo bitch gettin' freaky
Demon with chop, bullets built like rikishi
Pretty boy swag [?]
Schoolin' these n****s like I got a cheat sheet
Run it up, fuck on your bitch, then I repeat
Doin' too much, n**** stop trynna be me
Wipe that boy nose, wipe him down like a squeegee
These n****s lame, really square like a TV
Move like a cobra, you'll never hear "free me"
Stay on point n**** but I'm not a [?]
Cookin' up [?] in the lab like I'm Dee Dee
On dirty drugs n**** hope I don't OD
Smokin on opps yeah [?]
Yeah, bitch [Verse 2]

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