[Intro: glaive]
Who the fuck let me download a Blueface type beat?
What the fuck [Verse 1: glaive & DHB]
58 kills in one game, bitch I peeped it
Me and Oliver blew a bag up in Neiman's
Ooh, what I say bitch I mean it
Fuck cancer, he a bitch, this ain't a sneak diss
Fuck cancer, he a bitch and he know it (He Know It)
Fuck cancer, you a bitch, I'ma show it (I'ma Show It)
If cancer was a person, I'd ho' him
If cancer was a person, then I bet his name Owen
'Cause that shit sucks dick up
If cancer was a person, I'd bet he get his bitch fucked
And if he ever made a song, then I bet that that shit sucked
Ayy, ayy, ayy, haha[Bridge: glaive & DHB]
Oliver, this is uh, I don't know if you wanna rap on the song
But this is where you would be rapping on the song (I do, I do)
So like it'd be like, one-two-three let's go[Verse 2: DHB]
40 on em i'ma go ahead and showboat
Yeah, You Know I'm The best at every show i go
Me and Glaive on the beat let's let it go
Like we Anna and Elsa we goin' Let it go
Yeah, We Know Know
Goin' fast goin' slow

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