Loyalty Statement lyrics

[Verse 1:] Tell me how you feel
Sharks in the water and you timid, be foreal, gotta have a set of nutz
And you cannot be a clutz
Staying patient, although I'm still in the rush for the bucks
This The Raw Life, rise of the black king tut
Walked in the game, and I ain't even really ask for much
But a table I can set up when it's time for lunch
007 compartment up in my cadi
You ain't gotta butter me up by calling me daddy
Yea I love diamonds, but crystals fit my persona
Brought something different to the game, to fit this genre
[Poem: Swiffleback Swanson]Oh yea, Loyalty runs deeper than thе average mind may think
You realizе that when actions are made, that'll make you lose trust of those individuals who may vanish before you blink
Loyalty may come in different ways, fashions or forms
So play close attention as you gaze, upon those
And peep who sticks to the plays and who just causes delays
[Verse 2:]Bitch, ain't no fakin'........ Shakin & bakin
She down for cakin'........ Royalty statements
Keep it a buck, even tho you might feel stuck
Thru all emotions, stay real, now that's a loyalty statement
Even if that's all you got, just keep yo word on the payment
While you stacking, she don't mind paying the tab while Y'all dating
But I can't let that happen, baby let's both get to stacking
And when we reach that quota, look at our haters while laughing
Am I true to the game, my nigga why are you asking
I knew iShaan was my dawg when we both started rapping
Now I just look at the stars
I get a thrill out of the thought of buying Cadillac cars
[Poem: Swiffleback Swanson]Oh yeaa, cherish those with the admiration of your grind
Willing to go above and beyond to guard your spine
A special partner keeps you focused as the love intertwines
I can love you dearly, although you are not mines
As long as you do right by me , we will do find
Likewise, as the stars align in due time
We will shine

Detroit L-O – Loyalty Statement

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