Lyrics From Snippet [Verse]
Yeah, I'm thinkin' bout icing her out
I'm thinkin' bout copping a house
I'm too high, man, I need to come down
Think I'll do it with another ounce
You better watch, who you keeping around
'Cause these niggas, they be Mickey Mouse
Niggas fake, I tell 'em, move around
If she bad, I might fly her out
And my jeans, yeah, they cost a pound
Yes, I get geeked, no, I'm not a clown
These lil niggas still get allowance, stick got a beam, and a hunnid rounds
Yeah, she mean, and she sweet and sour, put CDG up all on her blouse
Baby, don't be mad, if I gotta leave, if I call, call mе back right now -

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