Monroe and Chanel (Spoken Interlude)

DeQuarius Slaton



Monroe and Chanel (Spoken Interlude) lyrics

[Spoken 1: DeQuarius Slaton, (DeQuarius’s dog: Monroe)]
Hey, Monroe
Who’s good dog
You are
Monroe, is a beautiful dog but she love to bite people hands, *laugh*, but yeah [Spoken 2: DeQuarius Slaton, (DeQuarius’s cat: Chanel)]
Hey, Chanel
Who’s good cat
Yeah, but Chanel, she is a good cat sometime she don’t play at all[Outro: Ace Edition, (DeQuarius)]
You love me, (girl, you’re satisfied)
Baby, you love me, (girl, having nice day girl)
DeQuarius Slaton – Monroe and Chanel (Spoken Interlude)

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