Deen Stars lyrics

Chorus: Karter Zaher
All my brothers never fear death
And they been ready to meet God
They finna die for the cause (Pop, Pop)
Pray Allah protect the Deen Squad

Verse 1: Karter Zaher
Just because we humble to the heart
That don't mean we don't go hard
All you think about is money
But nobody taking nothing to grave
We ain't taking nothing to the grave
Not a dollar to the grave yeah
Live to give, Live to give, Live to give
Man I learned it from Hussein yeah
You numb the pain with the money
Me I numb the pain when I pray
My cousin took his own life
Fell victim of the suicide lane
All the sin in Jahilliyyah I admit I was bad
But I'm not afraid to tell you that I do have a past
Like everyone has
All the kids are going crazy
Parents losing control
Cuz the music in the industry is ruining their soul
They can't relate to no sheikh

Verse 2: Jae Deen
No I'm not a Shia but a Sunni
Brother still rock a Zulfiqar
I'm still about the unity if you don't like it I don't really care at all
Fell in love with an Arab girl I got so attached
But her father don't accept me only cuz I am black
Is that really Islam?
Can't deny the community turned racist
Man I swear to god there's so much separation
I know a lot of converts and they say they want to leave
Left out including me during Ramadan and Eiid yeah
These Muslim teens, They crying out for help from depression
And we never talk about their mental health
Dear Imam we fed up with this
Every single Jummah all the khutbas are irrelevant (I'm sorry)
Strict parents got their children in a headlock
You wonder why these sisters taking their Hijab off
Young kids committing Zina left and right
Cuz you make the marriage difficult you're ruining their life
For all my brothers in the trap who ain't leave yet
Muslim brothers in the bin who ain't free yet
If they ain't got no money they a reject
That's why they turned to the streets for that respect

Chorus: Karter Zaher & Jae Deen
All my brothers never death
And they been ready to meet God
They finna die for the cause (Pop, Pop)
Pray Allah protect the Deen Squad
Rest in peace to all my dead brothers may Allah give them Jannah
I'm sending all my love and my prayers to the people down in Burma

Outro: Jae Deen
Deen Star
Yeah Shouts out to my Deen star
Shout out to my Deen Star yeah yeah
Deen Squad, Deen Squad, Deen Squad
Feeling like a Deen Star
Deen Squad, Deen Squad
Got me feeling like a Deen Star

Deen Squad – Deen Stars

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