In inhospitable lands of god
Forsaken Bohemia
Where cruel winters reign
And owls fly
When frozen ground cannot swallow
The one who died
Dead on Totenbretter stare
Beyond the flickering stars Faded and cracked wood drained by
Freezing winds
In forests of Šumava, so silent and
Symbols of Death, proudly on the wood
Where dead bodies remain, silently
Waiting for the springIn the valley of Úhlava and in its
Farmers follow the tradition for their
Ancestor's grеater good
When in the spring thе dead find
Their peace in the ground
Totenbretter everywhere by the road
Shall be foundThese boards also memories
Of families
Telling tales of men who silently
Rest in peace
And in the valley of Úhlava and in
Its neighborhood
Farmers follow the tradition for the
Greater good

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