[Verse 1: LordDeathEclipse]
I am just a dark embodiment of hate killing everything today
I don’t even wanna feel anymore
I don’t even wanna see anymore
I don’t even wanna be a human being anymore
Man, this shit really is that Black Metal
Motherfuckers really think I’m the Devil
I levitate and resonate a different day
I be killing everything in my fucking way [Hook: DEADMANDAZE]
I don’t got the time to deal with bullshit, fuck it
I don’t got the time to deal with no bitch, fuck her X2[Verse 2: LordDeathEclipse]
I remember the moment of me being sent away for a being a prick and slitting my wrist
All I really felt was self-hatred inside of that bitch
None of that shit would help
(None of that shit would help bitch)
I am the wraith, I’m the phantom, the sinister winner
I make them intensive, these pussies for dinner
Bitch, I’m the crow, I don’t give a fucks what you wanna say hoe[Bridge: DEADMANDAZE]
Bitch I’m gonna own shit regardless where I’m at
Bitch I’m gonna run shit regardless where I be
All you fuckers pussies to me
All you motherfuckers been weak[LordDeathEclipse]

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