In the fucking forest is where we summon our demons hoe
Murdered goats and plenty of dough, feeling like I’ve died before
Wearing all black inside of the temple
Motherfuckers really know that I am a rebel
I don’t need no fucking acceptance
I’d rather be hated. I’d rather be neglected
Y’all can suck my fucking dick
I don’t care bout your fucking feelings
I just go and fucking kill
Everyday, bitch, you know that I’m with it
I am the enemy, no one can mess with me
My flow is my recipe, this is my destiny
Sometimes I question my worth and wonder should I just blast myself?
I remember writing lyrics in a cell feeling like hell
Feeling like, oh well, this life is nothing but shit
They underestimate the power of killing it with hieroglyphics
Bitch I just wish that I never was living, I always be feeling like death
Bunch of fucking demons be swarming in my head
I remember seeing them demons inside of the old cabin my grandma used to own, back in the day
They gave me some powers just for me to take, after those memories I’ll never be the same
Sometimes I feel like I never was sane I don’t wanna be a burden but that’s all I am
Why you look at me like that?
I’m getting pretty sick of all of you, I really do

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