Bite the bullet One by one as the story goes (Story goes)
You've yet to reap what you have sown (You've yet to reap what you have sown)
No I can't save you, nor do I want to
You're on your own you fucking hypocriteI cut my teeth against the brimstone
I took my first steps on broken bones
You got what you fucking asked for
You built yourself a throne, a proper catafalque for when you die aloneChange is the axe mid-swing
If the only way out is forward, you're caught in-between
You can scream to the heavens but thеy won't change a thing
For you and you alone are thе apex atrocityYou fucking make me sick
It's time to meet the gaping maw, you fucking hypocriteGet up, get up
You fucking make me sick (You fucking make me sick)
You fucking hypocriteBaptized by the blade
Blood runs cold on a steady flow of hate
I watch you disintegrate
Let's not make death wait

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