Biting at my sharp hidden hooks
They have to come up to my height
The abyss of groundlings, to the wickedest of all humans
Therefore do I here wait
Crafty and scornful upon high mountains
No impatient ones because he no longer suffers For my fate give me time
It has forgotten me perhaps?
Should I stay behind a big stone and catch flies?
And truly I'm well disposed to mine
Eternal fate, because there's no rushI've been told of sacrifices and honey
It was merely a ruse in talking and truly a useful follyRight now I can speak freer than in front of mountain caves
Than in front of mountain cavesOut, out, my fishing hook
In and downThus bait of my happiness
Drip that sweetest dew
That honey of my heart
Look out, look out, eye oí mine
How many seas around me
What dawning human futures
And above me, what rosy red stillness

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