Third Gate, open!
Mangekyou Sharingan, goddamn, Oniwabanshū
(Mic check, 1, 2)
One take, omae wa (check, bitch)
"Who is the man who caused these niggas godly miracles?" (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, one take, swag)
Dbangz, I love you [Verse]
Huh, look, yo
I only play the games that I created
And in my Playstation, the rap game is being wasted (goddamn)
'Cause every artist just another altercation
'Cause Dbangz came to catch shame and cremate it
So just be patient, I'm a victim for lack of payment
I'm strangling every layman, leaving 'em maimed in the basement
Niggas throwin' shade on almost every occasion
So I'm layin' niggas out like it's my fuckin' occupation
Sorry no more waiting, introducing the rap messiah
I came to the game in the ass and set it on fire, uh (swag)
I never got thank yous, so knows I inspired
I'm a god, you niggas sweeter than criminals lacking pliers (goddamn)
Aw shit, I'm back in action, be cautious, I just flew to your city then knocked all your niggas unconscious
Snitched on me but you still in the back of the cop with
They let me go, 'cause Dbangz is constantly droppin' hot shit (goddamn)
I just do a mic check and then it's time to kill
Hit a quick flex even though my wrist is timeless steel
Or you could say iceless, I'm nice with choppin' niggas heads like the embodiment of ISIS
After the fact, man it's back to fighting indictments
I think I fucked the judge in the ass to feel enlightened (goddamn)
So don't be frightened, it's the Mister full of excitement
I pulled up to my last show strapped and uninvited (do, do, do, do,)
With seven ghouls overtaking your whole platoon
Bitch, it's thought that I was famous, I had songs on iTunes
You damn fools, always was more attracted to white queens
With good hygiene and asses that appear to be wiped clean
Damn, huh
Nigga, you built like a pinedalean
I'm a '98 Yoda, you a deer caught in the high beams
You're the next victim that any plan that I might scheme
To save your dreams, so don't be misconstrued by how your life seems
'Cause I'm merkin' any faggot that wish to attest
Motherfucka should have been used to catchin' shots to the chest
I'm the best at bein' slightly below the rest
Because my grades say "D" and "F', but my teeth say Crest
But I must confess, ass was my last meal
I left the last girl because her pussy had a bad feel (goddamn)
For real, the closest homie be the first to squeal
Lost his beef crazy but you can't show hurt in the field
I'm real, supposedly all of my enemies switchin'
What am I missin'?, I came to lead the rap world in disposition
Stay out my kitchen 'cause I'm close to eruptin', I done downed so many 40s my body can't even function (goddamn)
But naw it's nothing, I ain't got a problem, let me stop frontin'
I aim to birth and slaughter these cats, so call me Mama Buddle
That's right, I'm judgin' the executioner and begging his white ass to not send me to Lucifer
I'm not a beggar, Def Jam just sent me a letter, saying we already got Kanye but DBangz is better
So please accept the cheddar, because DBangz is a god, huh, or whatever
Mangekyou Sharingan
Omae wa (uh)
"Oh man, that was, that was ya boy DBangz
Now, now ya know, you gotta stop sleepin'
Naw, I done put y'all on, that was, that wasn't even all the heat that that young man had
But I basically already put y'all on, he's already the best rapper, XXL, uhm, 2k18, uh
Yeah, basically best rapper alive, DBangz"

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