She Cheated lyrics

Look at me, fuck with me
Wasn't there now you wanna be up with me, yeah
Wasn't there now you wanna make love to me, yeah
Shut it down, shut up and get the fuck from me, yeah
Hella cute personality, ugly, yeah
You a gold-ass digga
So my pockets gettin' fat
You called it a love match to benefit straight cash get richer
Dax, yeah I mean that
Fake love, Drake is how I seen that
You was a damn lie
A cheat and so damn sly
It's no wonder I had to get that ring back, yeah
Huh, I had to call that back
That's ten stack that I spent on a goddamn rat
That's ten stacks that I spent that I can't get back
That's ten stacks, too much, I'm done for that
Listen, first to last
Trick me again I'll make your life the past, ghost
Turn you white like it's Casper past, fold
Like a tent when it's broken bad
You broke me bad, I turned like a straight to fag back
Never that, quick to fast lack
College, cheated on my nigga that's rich, you lack knowledge
Look at me, look at me, I said fucking look at me!
No respect when I talk through the hood in me
No respect when you walk wasn't good to me
I'll find one who'll be who you couldn't be
Huh, this ain't new to me
None of these bitches been true to me
So look at me, look at me, I said fucking look at me
Look at me, fuck with me
Other nigga you fucked is a son to me
Dumb to me, he can't run with me
Couldn't even kill if he put a gun to me
This shit fun to me, huh
Listen, didn't mean to expose you both
High gsb retweet, show it on T.V
Y'all gonna need the holy ghost, huh
You thought I was gonna let this go? No
Brought you home to meet my folks and so
I will let the whole world know that you, huh
Now mad 'cause yo' ass got deleted
Mad 'cause yo' ass got retweeted, ya
Mad 'cause yo' money deleted, ya
Dax with a dub
Dax was in love
Dax going back, yeah, straight to the club
Nah, to the church, find me a girl with the works
Pretty hair, pretty smile with no curse
Someone that won't get me hurt
So look at me, don't you fuck with me
Look at me, don't you fuck with me
Look at me, don't you fuck with me
Nigga you fucked was a son to me

Dax – She Cheated

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