[Verse 1]
This is Dax bout to make a statement
Ricegum is trash did the math like im asain
Minus disstracks, clickbait, and verbatum
You ain't nothing but a skinny looking long necked blasian
Call ya reinforcements
5 million subs doesn't make your ass important
A baby to the dax bout to kill you like abortion
Did my research had a warrant
All the disstracks was fake only made 'em for endorsements
Lying to the world
Multiplying hate and dissing on lil girls
Karma came fully
P-p-please don't push me
Treat ya like lil sister
Ima be the bully
Im a master you a rookie
Please listen I'm not your average tuber I don't care about the views in, money coming in this is all for my amusement, whole life is an illusion, you been faking so long whole mind is in confusion [Hook]
Sit down(lil bitch), be humble
Youtubes, my jungle
Yo channel, will crumble
Cuz Dax, won't fumble (x2)
[Verse 2]
Think you killing boi i'm a bout to tell you that you not (not)
Weak rapper shoutout both to you and diss god (god)
Fakin punches just to get a view boi you a thot (thot)
Know you won't respond cuz I'm sending real shots
This is Dax and i'm telling you like it is
Ya whole hairstyle wack especially da gold tips
Gabbyshow show tried to snap you spazzed like a bitch (bitch)
Zoie wouldn't let u smash so you made up a whole diss
Boujee, dumb, fake, sorta retarded
No real friends probably the reason you started (hahahah)
Sommer ray let touch you cuz she knew she just farted (nasty)
Chantel taking pics so you can hide in the closet
Damn lil hungry bro the reason im feasting (grrr)
I know ya secret, rice eating
Why you looking ballemic
Gum chewing cuz ya breath killing people diseases
Kung foo'ing ain't gon save ya from a dax type beating
Im savage (ahjaa)
Ruthless no cannot be cannot be tamed, I don't care about ya subs or your Youtube Fame, lil riches, fake bitches, or clicks you claim, that's two L's fo yo ass Loss and Lame[Hook]
Sit down(lil bitch) , be humble
Youtubes, my jungle
Yo channel, will crumble
Cuz Dax, won't fumble (x2)

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