I make my money, I take my pay
No time for family, no time to pray
And it comes as no big wonder, that I’m suffering defeat
I wanna hang my head and cry I’m gonna hang my head and cry
For the times I’ve lived a lie
And cry Father forgive me
For I know just what I do
I’m gonna hang my head and cryI take offense at the world (but I)
Take no stand
One man against the tide can never
Heal this land
Meanwhile liberty’s been wounded
And justice is abused
I want to hang my head and cryI’m gonna hang my head and cry
For the part I’ve playеd in the lie
And cry Father forgivе me
For I know just what I do
I’m gonna hang my head and cryIt’s time to put away
The things of a child
‘Cause for too long I’ve neglected
The things that are worthwhile
In my heart, my home, my world
Shape me with your hands
Lord make this boy your manWant more from livin’
Than just living for today
Want more from sacrifice
Than just tithing to a plate
Wanna be more than healthy
More than wealthy or just wise
I wanna see the hunger
In the third world’s eyes
And not write it off and wrap it up
In Christian talk and guise
Don’t let me become the man
That I say I despise
I wanna hang my head and cry

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