I'd like to dedicate this right here
To my favorite girl
I know I haven't been the most perfect man
But I love you, God knows, I do
Why... (Verse 1)
What's wrong with your shady ass
Wakin' me up early in the mornin' still yawnin'
Don't you know a nigga half sleep
So why the hell you keep on pagin' me
I told you once before
I'm gonna say it once again
Don't you call no more
My girl is lyin' next to me
Do you think this is a game
Why you testin' me
You keep on stressin' me(Chorus 1)
You keep callin' me
All night long
Just constantly
Can't you see
I'm with my favorite girl
What's that shit you on
Talkin' about my baby's mom
She's still layin' in my arms
She is my favorite girl(Verse 2)
I saw you around my way
Ridin' by my crib
Just the other day
The order of protection was restranin' me
I couldn't take the chance of someone namin' me
You tryin' to frame me
Leave me alone
Callin' me and hangin' up the wife was home
How'd you get my number in the first place
The shit ain't even listed under my nameYou callin' me
And you tellin' me
That you wantin' me
And you needin' me
'Cause you're lonely
And you can't see
How I could be with another B
I - T - C - H
And that she could never be my wifey
Why can't you see it wasn't meant for you to be with meYou so damn (crazy girl)
Thinkin' I would ever leave my baby
My lady
The only one
Who's there for me
Who cares for me
My destiny
Who knows the things
That's best for me
And about me (i'm not leavin my home)
This ecstasy would always mean the world to me(Chorus 1)
Huh, leave me alone
I wanna be alone
Leave me alone, you had to go and stop callin' me
Why don't you
I told you just leave me alone
I can't take no more now
Baby I need a little help
Stevie J, play for me

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