Keep Lovin' You (Remix) lyrics

From the projects to them penthouses
From polyester to them pretty fendy print blouses, I send flowers
Soon after that disaster with them twin towers
No regrets ma, respects to the tenth power
Love's involved when bubbles and the suds dissolve
And no more bars is left visible to cover the scars
Truth is real with hopes you'll never loose the thrill
So for now lets just cruise and chill [Dave Hollister]
My love my everything
You are my soul the only thing
That can make me feel the way I do
Like I ain't got nothin' to lose
I ain't gotta care in the world
Cause I know I'm your man you're my girl
They can say what they wanna say
Cause I know it ain't goan change a thingI'ma keep lovin' you
Oh no question
Ima keep holdin you
Baby no doubt
No matter what the situation is
Im for you
No matter how high I have to climb
No matter how long I have to go
Im going to love you, yeah...You're the only one I need in my life
Even if I'm wrong then I don't wanna be right
Best thing that happend to me
Every thing about you girl is major league
You're like my sun my rain
You're like my joy my pain
Girl it can't get better than this
It can't feel no better than thisCause I, I can't let you go (oh no no...)
I'll don't care who knows
I don't care who knows
I don't care what it is
Don't care what it is
We gon handle it
We gon handle it
Cause you're number one
For me girl you're the one
For me you're number one
And I'm goan keep on lovin'[AZ]
It's a joy being apart of what the soul starburst
Find a piece without pickin' up a chrome revolver
My cologne is like a known massager
Not navi but spoken for so don't bother
I see you lookin, but who is this essential bookin
Love cookin' with an aura that could keep you cushin
Call her my cream, plus she do all those things in between
My only beef is the shower cause she swears she can sing
And can't hit a note, lessons learnt we all live to cope
And in return 2 souls connect & give they oath
Curse or gift its thoro but it's worth the trip
Cause believe I be the first to flip[Dave Hollister]
Can I get my brothers to help me sing...

Dave Hollister – Keep Lovin\' You (Remix)

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