Dave Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #007



Rap, Freestyle, Uk, Uk Rap

[Verse 1]
With my Spanish girl, Valeria, super freaky but she acting diva
And all she wants to do is tease a boy that’s why she give me neck kisses when I'm playing FIFA
My Latina, Angelina, Colombiana come from Medellín
And all she cares about is weed and sex
Half the time we ain't even speaking
But if I ain't feeling it then I'm swerving
My new girl got my old girl hurting
The last ex that I had was a lighty but the next X that I get is a German
That’s a X5
or a six door I'll get it cocaine white like a gringo
I got a link at Stoney for clothes so this hoody that I own cost ocho cinco
With my Spanish girl playing FIFA
Mas tequila? Sí señorita
WhatsApp only I'm overseas, I'm in Beverley Hills I might phone Genita
My Spanish girl’s playing FIFA
Mas tequila? Sí señorita
WhatsApp only I'm overseas, I'm in Beverley Hills I might phone Genita
I came here to change the game
But as time went by the game made me change
And I can't explain but everybody has a part to play
And I was meant to have the flipping heart to say
To anyone and everyone that there’s a different path to take
That you can make a living

That you can go legit to show them you can make a killing
You don't have to make it killing
So now when people say I'm different, I just beg to differ
Every song I sing it’s like I'm getting bigger
And every time I'm rapping with a message they don't ever listen

It’s like, I was meant to do this for the love of this
Like I was meant to stop that kid from tryna kill that other kid, I
I was meant to bring all of my brothers in
Until I realized that this attention doesn't cover things
Like, I can buy most the clothes for free but there ain't no flipping way that I could buy my brothers freedom
So hocus pocus, you don’t focus then you're close to death
Our worlds are too different, things that I could do different
It’s like it’s so intense, there’s intent where there’s no intent
These words are here to build strong children they're tryna fix broken men
And they hate me, so when these sirens come I hold my waist they hope to take me
Resolve beyond a code, no selling souls you couldn't break me
This hate talk for jakes from a baby
These blue lights are crazy
And lifestyles hectic, I'm fit for flashing lights I'm epileptic
Before I catch attention fam I'm dashing to this entrance they could never understand
Why we were pedaling them grams and putting 20's in my hand
And if they ain't getting tax know they're getting it gone
My hood's still antiheros like General Zod
You see a stabbing turn your head and move on
Don't even reach for your phone
Cos if you're breaching this code you walk these streets on your own

And every couple of years we lose about a hundred peers
No one came to play Tekken kid
My waist is where my weapon is

Rides like Chessington but nothing ain't fun or fair
Most man are running scared, bigger fish they're punching air, white collar punish rare
Blue lights more pressure, how many man are scared?
So many stabbings you would've thought that man are shanking air
It’s difficult for guys to care when man are tryna put you Underwood like Frank and Claire
Dare you couldn't save me though, we break the law and make it known
My people lost their minds, we over whether— [Instrumental ends]
Ay, you say next one. Next one, next one, next one, aww. I'm running out of instrumental time. I need to, I gotta get a faster one. Yeah, a faster one[Verse 2]
You see when I get nervous yeah
I get this little twitch where my hand is
And then my twitching it turns into deep breaths
And all my deep breaths they turn into panting
See it’s one thing when you have no money but when I owe money it’s a madness
See I was 17 when I got bumped by a girl and the same day I was at her yard on a mad ting
Long shank in my hand if her dad was on antics, I'm taking him the fuck out
And from now I'm Walter White, middle men are getting cut out
And all these little girls are getting cut out, on twitter telling me that men are trash
On the same day that you were getting dug out, my patience run out

You need to get the fuck out, we ain't playing run outs
My YG’s pressing on this hammer 'til it runs out
Who the hell told you that I got run out?
Hands in my pockets like Wenger in the dugout, I ain't going nowhere
Nah G, I remember when them girls used to par me and now they wanna party
Whips like the kid wearing dark green Adidas, why, I put three lines in a car key
See when I feel nervous yeah, my heart beat starts racing
I feel sick to my stomach I get butterflies and that’s when I see feds or paigons
See the girl’s dad that never came out nah, and I was getting clocked by the neighbours, looking all shady
Standing with a cutter while the local civilians put us on surveillance
I was standing there so damn broke that I nearly had a tear in my eye
I’m thinking bout this money that I owed to my main like I ain't coming home for today
I swear to god, my heart's racing
I've got another home to survey cos my young boy knows where they staying
I'm scared but I can't let them know I'm afraid so I run up in the next fucking home or estate like what?
Who's bad and what’s what?
I'm looking for a grand and a half
And if you haven’t got it, I'm taking electronics
And all these clothes you have right down to your socks
We’re taking your Xbox, your TV set
Your PlayStation I’ll trade into CEX

VVS, diamonds I swear to God
Anything that we can sell, we'll collect
And we'll do it nice and clean
And you could be Jamaican or polish I'm coming for your rice and peas
I’ll hold your Z but I wanna see 9 bars like I had a dozen and I lost three sheep
I wasn't getting money
You would’ve thought I gotta live for my friend, I was beefing over petty money
I wasn't getting money, still
I’ll test the Weston’s kit though
Effervescence in Vimto
Catch you in the night like crypto
Big chrome, turn your Wednesday apocalypto
Freeze your guys up like Calypso
Windows, ain’t really a problem 'cause we tint those
Muscle in the back this guy’s looking like the big show
Hustling for stacks I’m talking hustling for rack—

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