Every single sound has been taken from the town
And I can't understand how I know word for word
The words of The Rose and before I know
It’s after dark and I'm still in the park
Where I'll wait for you
And I’ll come back tomorrow and the next day too
The plan we both agreed to
Right beside my favourite statue
Of Saint George on a horse
Slaying a dragon They worked beside us
In choirs they harmonised with us
All in the name of love
The meek shall have the earth and its fullness thereofThen a magnificent light
(List all the ones that you love)
And the forest on fire
(Bury it deep in the ground)
Oh, crimson night
(You'll always know where they are)
Reflected on the unblinking eyes
Of all the peopleWhat can we say?
It was supposed to end this way
Now we disappear
What will we miss the most; the feel of sun, the taste of beer?

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