Well it's dogs in the alley and trouble in the news
And bubblegum dots all under my shoes
The bus stop on pension pay day
Got talking to this old lady
She said, 'I got a secret I can't tell
'Going to heaven in a peanut shell'
She said, 'I got a secret I can't mention
'Coming right back with a new invention' Well it's pink and red and yellow in the sky
That I'll take with me till I die
There's five and six and seven and nine
Times I've missed this friend of mine
He left our town and went to the city
When I found him there he didn't look real pretty
He said, 'Don't know what the hype is
The cops are vipers
We drive with our phones under windscreen wipers'You can blacken my name, curse my hide
Roll your eyes down the mountainside
Just leave your window open a crack
And hold my hand till I get back

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