If Only My Heart Were Made Of Stone

Darren Hanlon


Seventeen seasick sailors
Bobbed up and down on the blue
You can still hear them calling
A hundred years later
Out to their sweethearts
Did they hear them too?
Did they get back to haunt them again? If only my heart were made of stone
I'd lock the door and stash the key
'Neath where it's written 'home sweet home'
And only call if I'd remember
If only my heart were made of stoneI fixed your hair with my spittle
I straightened your tie
When you're late at the office
I turned a blind eyeThere are things I'd forgot
That I'd learned in a fable
Read out aloud
At the breakfast table
Tapping my foot on the floor
If only my heart were made of stone
And my catalogue of fears
Whittled out of whale bone
I'd close my eyes and sleep and dream
Not have to wonder
If only my heart were made of stoneI'd dance all the way to my grave
Licking on an ice cream cone
If only my heart were made of stone

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