I did what everyone else does
I drifted back to my home town
With my restless heart kept hidden
Deep within my chest, I knew
Oh-whoa, they'd have to take me back again Put on my shoes to search for clues
But you'll never find them there
Nor with the mates from your class
Gathered after midnight mass 'round the bar
The pre-dawn hours of Christmas morningThey thought I'd outgrown them
They could read it on my face
I wanted to leave but my face
Had an appointment to keep
With the fist of some young freak
Now that's why
I wear this scar beneath my eyeSummer job tending lawns for old men
Who sit 'round predicting weather with their bones
Sticks and stones are more akin
To what lies underneath their skin
And their soul cling onto that skeletonIf I had a dollar for every time I should've been paid
Then I would've been paid
But their meagre money couldn't buy
The blue out of the sky
Or down pay
The common day to stay awaySome weeks before the world began
I drifted back to my home town
To all the blessed, to the a-cursed
To the pioneers who got there first
Stay in the ground
For if I come back againTo all the soulful swaying pines
To shoes hanging on power lines
I keep you here
For if I come back again

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