Well, I believe there's a new vibration that's found on the street
The kids all need to make their lives complete
It sends their little heads into a spin
And then they're happy again Just like those who hunger for the chase
You tell me that you need another place
So the rest of your life can commence
Well, buy me presentsWhat's a polite time for waiting to undress?
The time it takes to make a move in chess
An awkward moment or two or three hours, hence
I'd prefer presentsA muted lie on a bended knee
I know you're trying to disarm me
Well, you and whose army?Have you considered life abroad?
Just to hear the word 'commitment' makes you bored
Just send a token in the way of recompense
And buy me presentsThey tunnelled under the marble floor
And there were treasures there that some would die for
Now don't say that I'm hard to buy for
Heaven knows that you got wads of cash to burn
To warm you if the night should ever turn
So will your sacred coffers lower their defence
And buy me presentsWell, it's the thought that matters most
Well, don't be dense
And buy me presents

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