Free The Mind (feat. Kojey Radical & Jvck James)

Darrell Cole, Kojey Radical, JVCK JAMES



Free The Mind (feat. Kojey Radical & Jvck James) lyrics

FREE THE MIND [VERSE 1, DARRELL COLE]Sitting on my balcony absorbing all the sunlight
Before you get 10 make sure you got your ones right
Now my music poppin I'm more jolly now I love life
Imma change the world really all I need is one mic
Too many bridges burned
So it’s guaranteed I kill it when I get my turn
Gotta get it out the mud that's a lesson learned
I don't ever want no money that I never earned
Keep it thorough bruddah know your worth
Levitate we the wave n**** tryna surf
Audio dope needle when it hit the nerve
In a four door beamеr when a N*** swerve[Chorus JVCK JAMES]- will bе added soon
[VERSE 2, KOJEY RADICAL]- will be added soon[VERSE 3, DARRELL COLE]I’m back in London and im starin' at the 02
I'm working hard to turn these rappers into old news
10 winters I been in it I'm cold dude
They don't want this beef scary n**** order Tofu
I ain't even in my final form yet like Goku
Let me take it back for you n**** like cold soup
Curry goat rice and peas n**** thats my go to
Sunshine living so the whip came with no roof
If I spy with my lil eye a lil disrespect
Vampire lines since a child coming for ya neck
Leaving competition in a spiral
I come correct
Tell the label cut the check
All I is do is come collect
What it takes to be the man
Blood sweat and tears
Now im counting money me and Sam
God damn
Darrell Cole – Free The Mind (feat. Kojey Radical & Jvck James)

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