When my time to level up?
Haven't grasped this thing called love
I think that I think too much
I thought that my time was up
I'm layered, full of complex stuff
I'm confident but didn't talk
Had to put up with a lot
Wear my ideas and my thoughts
Problems that I could have solved, but been too focused on results
And yes, I may have dropped the ball, but I know I'm gonna change the score
Take a stand before I fall, express myself with all my flaws
Dara, what do you want from life?
You cannot flow without a course See I almost gave up on dreaming I had my reasons
I knew that life wouldn't change if I kept on sleeping
I bеlieve in God, I beliеve in His perfect season
God, You gave me this rain, Your Spirit I am receiving
Used to wear a face mask to cover up how I be feeling
Work so hard, I work the evenings on weekends
An idol mind and the devil be tryna creep in
Tell me throw my content in the trash
But that's where he livesWhat to be afraid of?
Remember what I'm made of
Used to killing bears and lions
God made me a brave one
I can't be out here losing my way whenever the pain comes
Take advantage every day of what the Son has doneAnd I want this so bad that I'm willing to risk my life
See I might jump off this cliff
I might even learn how to fly
And if I hit rock bottom, I'll still be aiming high
Find some treasures in this journey called the lifetime climb
And I've been winning by a landslide
Not because of brilliance
Other people would have quit
But God made me resilient
Without right equipment but I'm still equipped
Funny how I can never fall, even with all the times that I know I've slipped
I know that I am different
Elohim I'm following
People like to watch my moves
But let's just see how far they get
Cus I feel better than I have ever been since administering my own type of medicine
It's God love what I'm letting inIt's when I realised that broken plates can still be fixed
And Rome wasn't built in a day, it's about layering bricks
Simple things like taking first steps
Now you ain't gotta overthink and you ain't gotta take a guess
I just close my eyes
Talk to God, find out what is next
Cus everything that I need are the things I can access
See God gave give me these gifts
His love I do accept
I show love to my family, enemies and friends
Lord I'm thanking You for this breatheThey probably wondering when the verse is gon end
I'm just delivering ten out of tens
You know that I'm going in
See Daniel was in the den
It's Dara and his pen
Look at the crowd
Crowd going wild
You know the vibes
You know the sound
We could achieve more if we stopped doubling down
Like buying the house, buying the town
Money still going round
Don't count my money in dollars, I count my money in crowns
Cus it's the largest amount
And I like moving in silence but at times I like to shout
I bet they listening now
Cus the volume speaks loud
I turned into the man, mandem still actin' like childs
I can go for a while
Hope you digging my style
You won't find this in aisle
I spit that fire, not mild
Yes, I am versatile
I'm a different profile
I've been putting in shifts, God be doing the milesMy God be doing the miles
He done been with me through all of my trials
The people they doubt
I'm a fire that you can't put out
I'm a fire that you can't put out
I'm a fire that you can't put out

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