Pick up a guitar
Spit a few a bars
People been driving past
I've been tilling the tars
Real situations make you find out who you are
They can rip you apart
Hella damage hella scars
I was swimming with the sharks
Used my lifeline to call my lifeguard
This is my life, so I gotta go so hard
When they say I'm small, with God I'm feeling large
And I believe in God, my power is not from stars
Like a wall frame, I've been holding the art
Details hidden, texture woven, it's inside of His craft
I spit bars, over heads
Resonate in the hearts
I'll be chartеred while on the charts Whеn you in the darkness that's the only thing you'll see
See I was in the trenches, I ain't have no food to eat
I was fighting demons, I was fighting deities
And I couldn't take it easy, they tried to take all my peaceBut relax
With all the progress that I made, I can't afford to relapse
The devil tried dragging me back
God always had my back
I'm stepping on snakes, never on cracks
Entertain certain thoughts, I'll backslide into the sand (quick)And I know
If I let certain things in, I can't grow
I'll pray for breakthroughs, and then they'll come slow
Do I have time for this? Hell no
See I gotta fight
Grandma told me "be bold and to put grease to my elbow"I had my addictions
It felt like I was sinking
Severing God's connection
It was blurring my vision
Whether you struggle with drugs or unforgiveness
Doesn't matter which box you ticking
This isn't the way of living
I know that this is twisted
We're mimicking our own prison
Instead of being free spirits
We timid, cynic, we limited
The gimmicks won't make us lifted
The target cannot be shifted
Thinking bout final sentences
Like "it is finished"A gust of wind can open a door
But I can't carry everything that I had before
It's new levels, new levels, new floors
Life will teach you that you gotta give if you wanna get more
And on this new path your feet will get sore (soar)
Responsibilities they pile up like chores
But God gon give you the right instruments
You find the right chords
You find your own sound then make it yoursAnd it's a cold world, you gotta love yourz
Forest and hills, you know that's where most sinners were born
Lord I'm asking, God can I be reborn?
Cus these wears I've been wearing, they've been wearing me out, I'm feeling wornSee all I know is there's never no need to panic
I got the power of dunamis
That means I got the advantage
See Jesus changed the dynamic
Even through a pandemic
He pulled down strongholds and standards
The only reason that I'm standing

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