[Intro Verse]
Danny back on the beat, yeah, and I'm killin' shit
Why the fuck they always hate on me? Catching feelings, shit
I be steady smoking all these trees, 'till I feel the shit
With my day-ones, that's an everlasting fellowship, yeah
She loved me for who I am
Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance

I ain't got no time to take flights out to Japan
I ain't pop no Xans, that shit weak like fickle fans, goddamn

"How long is he really taking on the intro?"
I gotta hold it down and put on for my kinfolk
'Bouta blow up harder than some Coke mixed with the Mentos
People always testing me, I'm steady standing ten-toes
All ten on the ground
, look at me - I got the sound
Making my family proud, in my town rockin' the crown yuh! [Transition]
...Hol' up
Yeah, yeah-yeah, ay
Ay-ay, ay
Ay-ay-huh, ay-huh, ay-ay-huh, ay-huh[Main Verse]
Four-hunnid on the watch, that's the price tag
Look, I ain't gotta front, gotta sell swag
I just hop up on the beat, then I jet-lag
In the Jag, doin' donuts, and that's real fast
Freestylin' on this and I kill shit, no bullshit
I'm preachin' on the mic just like a pulpit
Flow too ill, my bars are viral, on that flu shit
They clueless, they doubted me, my skill, and that I do this
I rule this
When I speak, it's heat, like South Beach, I'm
Climbing to the top, too fast, and all they do is reach
I got gold on me, so I got gold-diggers in my sheets
And I'm perfect with it, 'cause I practice everything I preach, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, who keep on the lights?
Man, I pay the whole utility to make sure that it's bright
But, for now, hit the lights

I'm the best - they just alright, yeah
This ain't Coke to Sprite
This Belgian Ale to MiIler Lite, yeah! yeah!

Outta mind, outta cash, outta sight, yeah
They all want me to fail even though they know I'm nice, yuh

Vodka in my system - Balinoff without the ice
And I gotta mix in Goose to make sure that it's double-spiked, yuh
No Absolut, huh, I tell the truth...
All that shit they flex they sippin' really ain't that smooth, huh
All that shit they flex they doin' really ain't that cool
'Cause they ain't even paying, got allowance on renew, yuh

Stop claiming this and that, enough with the chit-chat
Breakin' 'em off, like a new Kit-Kat, they goofy like Riff Raff
Look at the sauce, I almost spilt that, no need to re-do tags Authentically-bought - I only do brands foreign lands export
Who would've thought?
That I would be shredding notes apart, from morning to dark
I been doin' this shit since fourteen and I still develop my art
All on my own...
Crafting my words alone at the studio right at my home
Right on my phone, Google Keep'in all of my lyrics straight out of my dome
Who would've known?
That all of my writtens would spread on the net and be seen by the globe
Rollin' in dough, but like Metro, man, I always be wanting some more
Only goal, like I'm Ronaldo, is to just constantly score all my goals
Got the Control, like I'm Kendrick, man, I always eliminate foes, yuh

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