I was all about myself then you offered me some help
I was focused all on you, wow im all by myself
So ill stay to myself next time
I'll stay quiet next time And it is what it is
But it ain't what it ain't and
If it ain't then it'll be
If it'll be give it timeFor it to unwind, Im enjoying the sunrise
South side living, chilling until hurricanes occur in my mindIs it true that you moved a galaxy away?
Is it true that you still hold on to yesterday?Cause I don't spend my time at all thinking about you
Okay I lied, but what's new to that?
I've tried a million times
But what's the use to that?You're just so used to me
I still feel so attached
There's nothing new with me
You somehow still know that
With the time I spend without you dear
I will still hold a place insideIts a frame with your picture and your name my dear
I hope by now you've realizedLonely
I'm so lonely
Helplessly Lonely
Only me and my room, what a duo
I can read the room though
I can be your only one but you don't like to label
Oh no, Oh no
I became a robot
Cleaning up your mess, and I become your RoombaWhat a rebel
I became a rebel
You were on to several
You don't even like to say nothing about us ever
Know these words might give you strep throat
I don't wanna settle
I just wanna go, let it go for the nightHold me, hold me
You don't got to know me
Ill be there in fast speeds
You would always judge me
Oh please

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