Hello, children!
I hope you're sitting comfortably
I want to tell you a story of a fellow called Henry
And a devil called Bendy [Verse 1]
Henry thought his life was sorted
Quite looked forward to retirement
'Til he was drawn back right into a violent environment
One peculiar day, Henry received a strange invitation
To revisit the place he used to work on animation
It came from Joey Drew
Explained: "I've something to show you"
But was it remotely true? Only Joey knew the true motive
Provoking him to open up the workshop
Soaked in ink and slowly sinking lower since the first drop
In thirty years, it's only got worse
Is this a dream?
Has it really been so long since our little demon hit the scene?
And kicked off a whole new industry
A star of cinema screen
Brought to life until we saw the darkness in between
Blacker than a lung packed with tobacco, tar and nicotine
You'll have to grab the scattered parts and start the ink machine
This is so sick to see
No, Joey, don't do this to me
There are some grisly things I'd rather keep a mystery
[Chorus 1]
Why are we here? Drowning in fear of the darkest kind
It's kind of weird but I'm sure that I've been here sometime before
You're drawn into the darkness
Floor full of pools and oozing tar pits
What awful décor, who'll renew the carpets?
Who'll remove the carcass? Who's the loony artist? Ooh[Verse 2]
All the horrors engulf
What have they done to poor Boris the Wolf?
It's rather heartless, I wouldn't bother to see if he's got any pulse
This was a repulsive ritual committed by sick individuals
And if you falter trying to halt them then they'll get you all
Come on, professor, turn on the pressure
Unless you're utterly stuck
Perhaps you need a wee refresher
Yes sir, well it'll be my pleasure
The liquid leaking from the dresser isn't bleeding ketchup
Now clean this mess up
He's chasing you, the Dancing Demon
You've eaten too much bacon soup
Your pants are creaming, that's a meme, innit?
So don't let me catch you stealing it
So what if it's only a cartoon?
There's nothing we shan't do to harm you
If you can't prove, you are tuned for part two
We're dropping deeper into the ether
Where we will be unlocking the secret of the machine
I didn't believe it either
Intriguing teasers seemed to be there
Leading me to seek the reason
For the secretions of this evil creature
[Chorus 2]
Why are we here? Drowning in fear of the darkest kind
It's kind of weird but I'm sure that I've been here some time before
You're drawn into the storyboard
Calling you through doors, you're falling through the floorboards
I know you're phobic of the oozing dark
So here's a complimentary entry to the abuse-ment park, hah!

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