Through A Lot lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet [Intro]
Ayo Wavy, where you at dude?
Ayy, yeah
Rest up[Verse]
If money come and money go, then what's the plot? Yeah
And why I'm puttin' in the effort when you not? Uh
You call my phone without no purpose and got blocked, huh
It ain't that deep, just in the past, went through a lot, yeah
Cause baby girl a renegade off that Lemon Haze
Lemon in her heart and soul, our love was Minute Maid
When every bite be cuttin' deep, but then I get the taste
That you so sour and damaged from things I usеd to say
And I can't act like I ain't know that, you know I know that
But I can't act on what you hold back, and we both know that
I want your love, I need to show that, girl whеre your soul at?
I need that 2013, I need that Kendrick Cole back

DamnBE$ – Through A Lot

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