The Ginny Blues lyrics

One more drink for the road, then I promise I'll go
Back home to missing you
One more grand soirée avec mon ami Tanqueray
Then I’ll swing back to singing the blues
One last strike with the band, then I'll return your man
Back home to where he belongs
This last try at the fame, then if it's all the same
I’ll woo you with some of my songs [Verse]
One more drink of the rum, then I promise I'll come
Back home to missing my girl
One last jam with the greats, and those friends that you hatе
And I'll resume to give you thе world
This last drink is a must, there ain't no bar on the bus
Any who, I feel my buzz wane
Haziness for the mind keeps my melancholy blind
To the anguish of "missing you" pain[Interlude][Verse]
One last drink for the road, now I promise I'll go
Back home to being alone
Yeah I messed up some things that weren't right or charming
But I'm calling, please pick up the phone
This right here's my last shot, no more Ginny’s on the rocks
I’m over feeling blue
This last drink out the door is to pour on the floor
A lament to how I lost you

Damien Bleus – The Ginny Blues

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