I must admit I started rappin' again
Do it sound different? Wrote it with a GRAV Labs pen
Glass jaw might shatter of a female friend
If she grins, the devil's in the details I wake up with the Stella, I bake with the SWITCH
I sink my teeth in, get it, get it again
From the coupe gettin' head from a French girl
To the Coup D'état, almost lost my headSo many cops it was a killer scene, (hype)
Doc Ock said, "you know you missed the guillotine?" (right)
I wanted the crimson quarter-to-sev
But these recurring dreams of a blackberry Tesla...THC put the nightmares to bed
So I bump 6ix9ine like my name was 710
Oh, now you want a buzz? You'll get a shock pluggin' in
You wanna know plugs? Well I'll name all of emI'm the only one in the game who can name names
And ain't shit change
The way I slang these pics on the web
You would think El Fuego was J. Jonah Jameson
No Theraflu for my therapeautics
Can't touch my sound like a theramin
Therefore for my therapy
I need Theraplant for the type of pain I'm inThey be tellin' me that you "doin' the most,"
Snappin' on the coast, smokin' Seven Ghosts, shit
My mother called, said "Choose one. I sense seven hoes."This reminds me of that one time
When I smoked indica with Miss India
I said "Damn girl, you remind me of Mary Jane. I'm so into ya."[Chorus]
They call me "twice shy"
But really I was once bitten
The web I spin might trap your heart, girl
I am not kiddin,'I painted my suit red, black, and white
Like some Trini linen
In The Bugle they called me delusional
But Ben seen the visionI lost May but I'll get it back like next April
To survive you've gotta taste a little venom
But don't let it take you
This world is so mysterious
But don't let it mistake you
If I were you I'd aim straight or that king pin
Don't let it break you

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