Ah, yeah
Oh, yeah
I had to start it out with some other shit (Ayy)
Show these other rap niggas who they fuckin' with
I cut her off, I think it's time to get another bitch (Ayy)
I fuck around and pull up on you in another whip (Skrrt)
Don’t even need a car, I'm hoppin' out the Uber
Take me to the studio, I'm tryin' to make some music (Ayy)
You probably get on Facebook and start another rumor (Huh?)
That's another pussy nigga actin' hard on the computer
Goddamn I can't respect, every hater get neglected (Uh huh)
Probably saw his girlfriend takin’ pictures in my section
Probably saw my name pop up in the phone, we were textin’
Probably saw me in the club, I ain't see him, I was flexin’
I don't really got the time to talk to you, leave a message
Keep a burner on me, run up, I'ma bless him
Bitch, I'm from Charlotte, RIP to lil’ Donk
Every nigga with me a convicted felon with a weapon (Hey, hey, hey, hey)
Baby Jesus or DaBaby, Baby, Baby, Baby
I'ma say it four times 'cause they love the way I say it
Song on the radio, everywhere I go they play it
Top thirty in the nation, that's where everybody hatin' (Top, top, top)
Chillin' in the condo, eatin' eggs with the bacon
'Bout to fly to Dade County just to pay on my probation (Ayy, ayy)
Keepin' all this show money, I just stack it up and save it
Spendin' all your hoe money, 'bout to go on a vacation (Yeah)
Yeah, I got your baby writin' to me on the Snapchat
In a white tee actin' like she like me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I hit her DM, follow me on IG
She got a boyfriend, he know not to try me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Say you a fan if he ask you why you write me
Tell your homegirl don't worry 'bout who I be
'Cause I ain't with the runaround, it don't excite me
I ain't tryin' to be your man, I'll be your sidepiece
DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby
Oh yeah
That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby

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