[Intro: Samples]
"This bomb was codenamed; The Czar"
"You're such an idiot. You'll never be able to contend with this opponent, why don't you lure them into the underwater graveyard?"
"Don't you think this is all kind of strange?"
"Hmm... so you know what I told him?" [Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
Ayo, yo, yo
Vein popper flame hotter
Raging sharp art patray popper
Blade sharper, kamikaze brain bomber
Safe in the drama darts spray your armor
You a trey eight revolver next to a 'nade launcher
Immortal technique, the rest weak
Stretch 'em like Lesnar
Deadly venom whenever Deck speak
Fresh meat, we get 'em buzzin' like XB
You can't sleep, it's like lying on wet sheets
Nevertheless better in fact bust better than sex
My rhyme book's like a medicine chest
Son, I kill 'em like lead to the chest
Call 7 & Es (Yo let me at 'em Deck)
Whatever is next
INS spit warhead bars, go ahead draw
I bang your dome leave your forehead gone
Run and tell 'em "put more heads on"
Performing live in your dining room
Shining through 4-X large
Lyrics get hard quick cement
Lyrics get hard
Lyrics get hard quick cement
Lyrics get hard quick cement to the ground[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Stripes on me like a tiger
Whites on me actin' hyper
Cypher then I leave with bites on me from a viper
I'm the type to sell vintage 'Lo with the cookie
Buy it now, new with tags like a graf rookie
This is how you rap pussies, Timberlands and black hoodies
Make you wanna slap Snooki
Hedge your bets contact your bookie
I'll contact my wookie
True blood pumping through these veins no Sookie
I'm a soul searcher go berzerker
No nurturing took place, I cover bitch's face
With a 'Lo burqa if you're less than an 8
Like off-duty coal workers I'm out of my mine
Gun powder in lines
Flow like Red Wings Gordie Howe in his prime
Ya'll try to be thugs
I put science in my bars like Ivy League pubs
(Chewbacca noise) Chewy sound "Ya'll don't wanna fool around"
House party shit, bag a 40 like it's Cougar Town
"Come on man I feel like cuttin' loose"[Verse 3: Roc Marciano]
Blue flames, 400 dollar jeans
The ride flee like a time machine
My regime pop beams back around Constantine's
Under marquees break apart Ki's
Park V's, spark up leaves
Artists, you see my name upon the Marquee
You charge a fee, crackheads watchin' G
Dom P spill out on the God car seat
Add a marks for heat with marksman expertise
Keep a tech to protect your fees
Collect tee's to to breath C's
Let the beef rest in peace
You connect at the lease and get greased
Hold that, your neck roll back
Both stacks overlap we locking every patch on the road map
The gold axe like Bobby Womack's to hold max
Go out back and get your shit blown back[Hook]
"Man I haven't had this much fun since I was in reform school"

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