[Verse 1:CY Lil Toppa] Stop with the capping
You should stop rapping
I just threw fake dollar bills at their face
Brand new Draco,this my only K
One of us is gay,you know which one
I’m slick like Big Pun
Get in the one on ones
We got twenty one guns[Verse 2:21 Savage]It’s twenty one and you gonna get some
Hold you for ransom
No way,your man sucks
Don’t give me too many drugs
Or I’ll end up like Lil Peep[Verse 3:CY Lil Toppa]Niggas die off like the Hunger Games
Stop playing these stupid games
One shot and I’m in the hall of fame
I’m not getting killed in the Squid Games
I already told you that I was gay
And rest in peace Lil Snupe
With every flavor of ice cream I get two scoops
And I’m looking up to my idol Snoop
But I recorded this verse when I had to poop
And I’m still smoking these JewsI remember every time my rent is due
Just remember that I went to 42
You didn’t like me so fuck you
Every morning I read the rondeau
And rest in peace to Pop Smoke
When I’m on a boat I turn as green as an artichoke
There’s factual proof that I’m a goat
Green light means go
What the fuck you mad at me for?
Spent a Milli on the verse now I’m broke[Verse 4:Shokka]Now am I wrong?
For trying to beat her walls down like King Kong?
Now am I wrong?
Because I’m wrong on every song
We in the hills smoking opps,bomboclatt
Screaming,”what the fuck is that?”
I feel like 21 with the knife tat
You see? I like that
QC,their name is big cap
Looking at her ass,I might bite thatEvery time I look at your messages,I feel like you’re ghosting me
This beef usually comes with a price but I’ll give it to you for free
You know shawty had them apple bottom jeans
Not a lover like Billie Jean
Rock out in Amiri jeans
Might go bald like Mr.Clean
I feel like there’s someone always watching me
I feel marvelous today
Get it on like Marvin Gaye
Watch out or we might spray[Verse 5:CY Lil Toppa & Shokka]Okay,alright,alright,okay
Guess what’s gonna happen T-O-D-A-Y?
Yep,you’re gonna die T-O-D-A-Y
How did you know I was G-A-Y?
This a public P-S-A
Okay okay
Got big money like Rick Ross
Shokka made a song with Rick Ross
Fuck with us,we’ll put you on the cross
We might have to cut your dick offAll about family like Fast And Furious
I wanna know shit because I’m curious
Rest in peace to the beat because I murdered this
All these suckers don’t acknowledge our lyrical shit
And you can drink my fucking piss
Like what?
Let me roll my blunt
Cause goddamn these opps are cunts
If we catch em,we gon beat him up
Get too deep in that pussy and I beat it up[Verse 6:CY Lil Toppa]I was on vacation licking on that coochie
Go to the store and get you some Gucci
Old ass nigga like Boosie
We still smoking that loose leaf
Pull up with an Uzi with Lil Uzi
White bitches all in my Jacuzzi
I’m not racist,stick to the game bitch
Why you do cocaine bitch?
My shirt,that shit is stainless
I don’t want the boobs,I came for the cake bitch

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