Way2often lyrics

Way too often in my head can't seem to turn it off
I'm tryna find the purpose living you say I just need some love
Fuck love, Tryna find myself is just enough, But trust
Never leaving earth while i can't trust myself
Cause I'm filling with the doubt and I be filling with the hatred too
Cause I just hate myself
Nothing never change, No trust it's just my brain
The people be hating lame, I think I found my lane right? Yeah, Nothing ever change I try and push the process
But I'm just backing down so everyone acting cautious
Hate thе fact I'm feeling all alone but it's nothing new
Looking in my eyеs and you'll see that I'm breaking tooLosing everything ain't no difference since the day
You can go ahead and leave but you always gonna stay
Tryna act tough but you just a little low
When you asking for the help everyone never know, oh
CS Myth – Way2often

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