Hey! [Verse]
Why, hello there, Nathan, I'm your greatest pal
The guy in your brain when you're spacin' out
Shhh... don't you make a sound
You dropped your album, but I'm still around
Why you ask?
You and I both know that you can't ever get rid of the past
I'm the light to your match, I'm the guide to your path
I'm the sight to your eyes, I'm the fight to your wrath (Ah!)
What you tryna get rid me for?
I'm the one that gave you all of these feelings that you absorb
I'm the one that made this happen
You always want people to listen to your music, but act sad that you have them
Every track on the track is because of me!
Every plaque put up in the house is because of me!
Every single fan that you ever even had doesn't even like you, Nate
They only like me!
I just think it's funny that you spent all this time thinking that I am the one to blame
Telling the world there's a difference between us but you and I both know we're the same
How you think it makes me feel to know that you will always publicly reject me?
But when he get in private and begin writin' you would use me till there's nothing left of me, ah!
Oh, ain't that something?
Nate ain't real, y'all ain't see that coming
He used my flow and he used my bars
And he used our problems to make him money
You paint on a smile, yeah, ain't that funny?
Your future is bright, but it ain't that sunny
When the rain comes down and you run for cover
You will come to me, time to get muddy
Without me you wouldn't be at the pinnacle
Saying that you hate me, Nathan, you know that is pitiful
Every single verse I've ever given you is biblical
But you been takin' credit for it, Nathan, that is criminal, ah!
I don't like having problems with you
But you run away when I try solve the issue
Suicide won't stop me, 'cause I'm always in you
You're wrong if you think I won't be in the coffin with you
But hey! That's not my spot to judge
After all there's a 'U' in "US"
I spent our whole life always following you
But I been the one that you used as a crutch
This whole time I thought we were having fun
Its cold that you sought a new path to want
I know that you wanna be alone as do I, so I'll grab my gun
And laugh- run!
This is for every time you were dissing me
Never thanking of me for all that vivid imagery
It's kinda funny that you couldn't see how lucky that you had it
But I've had it with you cryin' 'bout your misery
It;s like you thought that I was never listening
Nathan, do you even care about our history?
Every single day you would wake up, we'd be in the basement making memories
But lately, seems like you're forgetting these, ah!
I think I made my point
We're stuck together, so just enjoy it
I don't like you, and you don't like me
And neither one of us are going to change it seems
But the whole world loves it, ain't that right?
After all, we are pretty good on the mic
So I'll be Nate, and you can too
Together we make NF and that's true

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