Verse 1
I'm stuck to da flows, umbilical
It's like I really feel it in a spiritual
I'm in da stars with these bars, I ain't hearin' u
They say Crucial anytime they talk lyrical
Please don't let these glasses here fool u
A 90s baby but a n*gga will school u
Run circles 'round a n*gga, call it hoola hoop
I double dutch in ya b*tch if she ever choose
I roller blade to her house but I'm in regular shoes
A rap extraordinaire but I'm just a regular dude
Don't get confused, I don't wanna get ahead of you
I pop ya girdle ninja turtle, I'm da Shredder too
Rеal clever, I'm down for what U want to do
A chess dudе, may ya next be ya best move
Poker face on a n*gga, got a Full House
Crowd scatter, bullets shatter when I pull out
She love a n*gga, she just tell me that I'm all dat
I love money, no Doug, funny in all black
A blue flag that match a n*gga blue vest
Chasing money really got me on a Johnny Quest
Rings on my n*gga fingers like we Captain Planet
This the last dragon n*gga meet da panoramic
The 40 cal on me n*gga like I'm Son of Sam-in'
The Glock on me really boy cuz it's never jammin'
(What do we have here, aye) Verse 2
About my bros and my woes, we going to chop it down
So play wit it if u wanna n*gga, boy I'll drum ya down
N*gga get punched in da mouth for actin' like a fruit
Or you get tossed off a mountain, you know how we dew
I just wanna shine on u n*ggas
Take my time on you n*ggas
Just recline on u n*ggas
Relax, ease my mind on u n*ggas
Take flights with a bad little dime on u n*ggas
Face card gator, anywhere I go
Play if u wanna, them gorillas on go
I won't work, I won't grind, I won't sleep
I'll be focused on u until u n*ggas gimme me
They call me Da Goat in my hood
They really come to Crucial for the goods
She said her name Wendy so I'm Peter Pan-in'
Already 'bout da green, so you know that's perfect plannin'

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