* Rapping to different beats: Dre, ODB, Notorious BIG, Craig Mack & others {[Y]=Yogi
[M]=Mighty Ha}[Mighty Ha - Intro]
Muthafuckin snow out here manShit, get this money manYo, who these fools creepin up on here man?*beat drops*
[C]Yo who be "Yog"?
[Y]Yo, who wanna know?
[C]I roll with Cru kid
I be Chadio
[Y]What you root?
[C]Rhythm Blunt
[Y]Uh, so step up a
[C]I brought somebody with me
[Y]Yo son, What's up?
[M]The sky, the sun, the moon, the stars
[Y]Ha, ha yo kid I be Yo-gi
[M]Aiyyo I be the Mighty Ha
Peace yall
[Y]Peace yo lets take care of business
I got some more of this right here
But this is finished
*beat change*
[C]Ooh, that's that shit right there
[C]That have a nigga head feelin' right
[C]That's my word
[Y]Aight, whatever
On this shit right here
Yo I got this from the borough
*beat change*
[Y]Have a nigga in another world
[Y]High off the sleep and gettin head from your girl
[C]Now that's that shit
[Y]That's right kid you dig
[C]What other kind of butta, you got for a nig?
*beat change*
[Y]Ahhhh, it's like that you can't miss
Have a nigga singin' shit like most beautiful lis
[C]Now I'm fucked up, that's a sin
[Y]My Brooklyn niggas hit me with this shit from Shaolin
*beat change*
[C]Now it's that hyper shit yo, it make me move
[Y]Indeed thats a sale
[C]But I think I need, somthin smooth
*beat change*
[Y]What's up kid?
[C]Yeah that's the butta
You got somthin smootha?
[Y]Ok, here's another
*beat change*
[C]Now that's smooth, make me wanna drive '93
Fuck around and drive in-to a tree
[Y]To this smooth shit?
[C]Ain't that ironic?
[Y]Check this shit from the West Coast it's called "Chronic"
*beat change*
[C]Ohh, that's that West Coast Flavor?
[Y]Hit you with the Rhythm Blunt, contact
Make a nigga wanna take in the atmosphere
[Y]But check this shit right here

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