A mi me dicen Juan Pan
Soy panadería
The smoker noddin off
A mi dio alegría
You on your phone typin tough
Bout how you gon see us
No disrespect but how the fuck you gon floss the reup
Fuck fighting me go fight your demons
I’m a behemoth
Fucking up your budget at neimens
Expensive shoe buyer
Bens coupe driver
Chicken head curver
Set the booth on fire Blue bread diet
I need all the carbs
Your grip on pita
You need more to spar
Cut the chit chat
Miss me with the mishaps
When your stack be lookin this fat
You blow a kiss backIm good without a deal
These mother fuckers is big mad
I’m Suge behind the wheel
I think I just heard a rib snap
Y’all all vaginal
Need douchin
Now we stretch dough
You eaten but need gluten
Hardly in the spot too long
Now we movin
Your low frequency don’t resonate
You need Schummans
I speak fluent mátalo por tirar sal
Hablar mal que van a decir de Juan PanPaul Pierce lifestyle minus the broadcast
The forecast is more cash
Eat a dick fall back
I seen the teeth marks
In my format
When beef start we at your doormat
Make your walls crackA mi me dicen Juan pan
Soy panadería
The junkie noddin off
A mi me dio alegria
La madre mía en vacaciones en una playa
I’m in the lab cookin brillo
Full of remolacha
Que te pasa
You know he pop up with many gualas
Asking Frank Lopez what’s a haza
Switch teams like Derrick rose
When the Pope pop up
As far as the lineup
I’m Jalen Rose’ barber
You know who got butter
I don’t got many friends
Just Benjamin’s, Benz, and box cuttersThe thots love us
They come to the show to hand me femur
A male run up you know who turn into Stanley steemer
Bunch of pills in the bag
Like I ran with geezers
I’m talking Mortimers and Ebenezers
Reefer got red hair pack off Reba
I knock divas then tell em tate tranquilaTouchin all this bread they call me Juan Pan x3Or John Bread

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