The Edge of Existence lyrics

Planetary devastation, humans plague the earth
Obsessed with power, obsessed with control
Countless years ruled in fear
Psychological horror, society on edge The collapse of mankind
The end of all timeWill we watch the world burn on the edge of existence?
Will we turn a blind eye and die with regret?
Unequivocal obliteration, death is certain, nothing to lose
Final act of revеnge without consequencеThe collapse of mankind
The end of all timeOn your hands and knees, you’ll watch them burnFace to face with the end of your life
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Face to face with the end of your life
Nowhere to run but into the lightSearing the flesh of the ones that you love
Mentally broken, you start to give up
Force you to watch as their lungs collapse
A peaceful death is beyond your grasp
Your families are dead, now onto you
This hideous death is something you chose
Sustaining your life for as long as we can
How does it feel? Slow death by our hand
Desecration of flesh, you start to look grim
Skin lacerated, removal of limbs
Inch closer to death, with caved in eyes
Once your victims, we’ve taken your lifeRetribution
Mass extermination
This planet writhing in agony
Impending death - the light we see
Mass extermination
Eradication of the global elite
The final act of mankind

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