[Intro: MC Ren]
Ah yeah, we gonna get busy one time
For the motherfuckin bitches out there in Compton
To this slow, slow, slow ass beat
We got my man Chip in the house
My man Young D, my man Donovan
And I am the incredible MC Ren
And my man Lil Nation's gonna do it somethin like this [Verse 1: CPO Boss Hogg]
This is the ballad of a menace
Not to be confused with that of a grimace
I'm in this to be number one, when I step upon
And walk the streets, stalk the meat, like that of a predator
Blow the brains out the head of my competitors
I'm a product of your sins, though you say I never heard of ya
A killer, dope dealer, gangsta murderer
Merciless maniac, monical manipulation
Primary focus of your local police station
I roll cold in my 'llac
Pumpin sounds that are great, doin a jack move
As I groove, the gangsta melody
Heads are cracked to a nine year old
And I've been told pimpin hoes is a felony
But I'm not a doctor or lawyer I wasn't made to be
Ever Luciferic because I get paid to be
There ain't no rehabilitatin, pull a gat on your grandmother
Then take her social security
The boundary lines of my jurisdiction expands
From day to day, ruler of all I survey
And with that, load up my gat then I pack
So I can buzz on the suckers that you replenish
This is the ballad of a menace
"I'm a menace to society"[Verse 2: MC Ren]
This is a ballad of a menace, Ren will finish and diminish
All the suckers that thought they could flow like me that was in this
Society wishes for my death, or my downfall
But they're playin theyself, as if they playin some roundball
Cause I'm terrorizin, the territory I'm steppin on
Endangerin citizens while I'm keepin my weapon on
My hip like a psycho, cause to me it's hospitable
I just got word, the Ruthless Villain was critical
Let's get it straight, the ones that want some can come with that
Illiterate motherfuckers I make you look dumb with that
Stumble and fumble cause I'mma crush til you crumble
So you can stutter and stutter but keep it down to a mumble
MC Ren is never taken as the sucker
In other words, I'm a bad motherfucker
So next time I walk your streets you should know
To lock your doors, and close your windows
And if you was thinkin that protection could stop me
It takes a continent full of niggas to drop me
And for me to be vicious yo it's valid
While I'm conductin and producin
A ballad of a motherfuckin menace
"I'm a menace to society"[Verse 3: CPO Boss Hogg]
I carry my balls just like a gauge
Nobody's safe when I'm enraged
Sacrifice the suckers and weak motherfuckers
That run in fear, I'm the menace to misery
Answer the knock at your door and open the AK delivery
Best known for bein unsympathetic when I pick em
Cause sympathy is for the pathetic and to the victim
Smoke one and smoke another mercy is my only incapacity
Yo cause I'm a hard brotha
Maniacal madman, son of Mephisto
Fine to go to hell, since I was an embryo
A criminal, standin in a gangsta pose
Steppin with Ren the villain slappin up all the hoes
Your mother your sister your daughter your wife
And if you was reincarnated I would snatch your second life
In it for the money, down for me myself and I
You see, and fuck the community
I know in conclusion that death is my destiny
But fuck it, be shootin motherfuckers that's left to me
So write my malevolent epitath, put it in the book of Guiness
And title it, The Ballad of a Menace
"I'm a menace to society"

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