Baby forward
2 spliff and ah Glock me nuh coward
The rude boy have bout 2 hours
Come tell me wa yuh want me do to yuh
Yuh nuh see it seh me like yuh
Me done know seh yuh watching me too
Me done see it say me wa yuh
Leh me show yuh how the rude boy affi come tru 45 inna mi pocket
Gyal ah watch me
Me na fi lock it and me drop it
Yuh dig
Yea the spliff in me right hand
Pass to Dwala
So yuh know me na fi drop it dawg
Gyal ah pree me
And yuh kno we safe cuh me ha the ZZ
We ha the ting steamy
Get the punchеon
With the rosè
We does dweet gPon thе block with me dawg dem G man
Buss the Glock leh me show uh inna me right hand
The gyal say she wa me from sangre grande
Now me ah tell me self me haffi do it nicely
Gyal dem always pree me
But me nuh tek on she
Ah you me want muh baby yea
Ride pon it
Gyal me wa yuh jus go pon it
Ride pon it
Gyal me wa yuh come dip pon it
Gyal walk out
Gyal walk
YeaNow wa yuh show me how da feel like
[Verse 2]
Show dem yuhz ah queen likkle honey
Yuh affi run the ting you the Donny
And baby gyal yuh know seh meh love it
When yuh inna uh tight up shorts and yuh looking hottie
No other gyal coulda come test
Dem other gyal dem dem vex
Baby gyal say yeah you ah the best
Ah me fi tell uh dis
Fuck all the rest
GyalReal Don dada top shotta
Fuck with the team yuh fi hear the Don blam arf
Yuh see how me do it
Top stryka
Fuck around the team
And you kno we ha fi rapture
We ha the m16 pop down
The Mac11
Deya pon the right side
And harvey affi ha the SLR
If ah boy violate me affi send him to him mudda
To him maker
In heaven
Mac11 yea me ah send him straight to …

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