Eschaton lyrics

Watching from a cosmic throne
A dark façade carved on rocks and stone
The nothing presses on
The coming eschaton


Omnipresence, nowhere safe
Dare to stay, the mindset is the change
They need, to witness forming of the brand new plane
Make way, for they are coming

Lives of lust and lies
Grind to dust and grime
Binds are much too tight
For they are coming
Safe from nothing
Break the fucking chains

As we silently observe
A mindless sea of worms
Find the only thing you fear
The end of days is here


Cast into oblivion, your essence will lay here and remain stagnant
Cast into oblivion, your essence will forever lay here and remain stagnant

Omnipotent focus omnipresent
Godly interest in the peasant - life beyond life
Obdurate negligence
Possible endlessness
Death as a catalyst - bring me the knives
Walking as cattle, herded by the wolves
See the violence, they all brush off to the side
War as sadism, implore you for more!
The shelves become stocked once you walk in the door!

Darkness illumination, void of the ancient ancient
All knowledgeable, all powerful
Casted deep inside, bastard sheep to sky
Have you ever seen a wormhole?
Pleas from these scum echo on
Seize all means of erudition


Guilt of vile terrestrial mistreatment
Thus, The Illumination
Lucent void of the ancient one
Unforgiving, uncaring Cosmic Divine
As I ream, aftershocks gash reality, your fragile realm
Instability is the method
The chaotic harmony

Cósmica! – Eschaton

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